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KSI CORP. a privately held company, specializing in global logistics and customs brokerage, was established in 1975.  Our staff consists of experienced professionals boasting an average of over 15 years experience in the international and domestic transportation business, including 10 licensed customs brokers. KSI Corp is a fully certified and validated C-TPAT member, TSA approved IAC Provider, ACE participant

Our corporate headquarters and distribution center/bonded warehouse are both strategically located within minutes of the San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco/Oakland ocean ports, and rail facilities. Our Southern California branch is located within minutes of the Los Angeles International Airport. In addition, we have a network of service providers located across the U.S. in every major (and minor) port with which we interface on a daily basis.

KSI processed over 75,000 import shipments last year representing over 31 million dollars in value. Approximately 10 percent of those imports were processed utilizing the RLF program in a multitude of U.S. ports. Over 1.5 million kilos of cargo were processed through our distribution facility for both domestic and international logistics in 2006.

With over 30 years experience, KSI Corp continues to be a leader in the industry, taking advantage of every innovation and Customs program that becomes available. KSI’s expertise in the use of (RLF) Remote Location Filing allows us to process a customs clearance in any designated port of entry from one central location. This enables importers to save time and money, while receiving consistent service by communicating with a solitary broker for all import and distribution needs. In addition, we maintain all of the import information ‘live’ on our database for five years, with Web access available. Our experience and expertise, together with our excellent reputation and long standing relationship with Customs assures that you will receive the best possible service with all your importing needs. Our paperless entry rate is 98% and our compliance rate is pro-actively 100%.

Supporting our brokerage division is our Customs Compliance department, with over 30 years experience. Keeping abreast of the ever-changing rules and regulations relating to all aspects of importation, our compliance group educates our staff and advises our customers on all the latest information and guidelines as soon as they become available. Glenn Overstreet, our Customs Compliance Manager, was invited to the World Customs Organization Conference in Belgium in 2005 as a Semiconductor Industry representative with expertise in Electronic Products. As a result of this conference, Glenn was instrumental in the rewrite of the 2007 Harmonized Tariff Schedules and the supporting Explanatory Notes that were beneficial to the Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display manufacturing industries.

The vast experience and knowledge of Glenn and our entire compliance groups are an invaluable asset to your company, assuring all your import procedures and documentation will be 100% compliant.

KSI Logistics division is a founding member of the Globalink Network, with members in 130 countries and over 145 offices we have coverage in nearly every port in the world. In addition to Globalink, we have a comprehensive network of domestic and international service providers, developed through our own networking and experience, allowing unlimited flexibility and options.  We handle shipments of every size, any type of service desired, and all modes of transportation; in short… every detail of your freight movement will be tailored to meet your specific needs in a way that is both expeditious and competitively priced.

Our warehouse/distribution center, in addition to its central location to all the major transportation hubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, incorporates a sophisticated security system in compliance with all C-TPAT, TSA, & TAPA requirements. Our CFS Bonded warehouse capability facilitates expeditious movement of bonded cargo in and out of the U.S. with top security and complete control. Additionally, manipulations, cargo segregation, merchandise destruction, pallet breakdown, marking, repacking, etc. are just a few of the other ways to take advantage of our CFS warehouse.

KSI utilizes the latest information technology to assure expeditious and accurate information transfer to all parties involved in every transaction - from U.S. Customs to shippers, forwarders, and customers across the U.S. and around the world.  AII, EDI, XML, ANSIx12 are a few of the formats we utilize for data exchange with our partners and customers. Customized data capture and transmittal to the customer can be formulated in any format the customer requires, whether it be reports, electronic data transfer, push/pull specifics, upload, download, whatever the specified parameters, we will meet them.

KSI Corp excels in every step of the logistics chain; from the manufacturer/shipper’s door all the way to the end customer and every stop in between. From basic customs clearance to complex import procedures, from local deliveries to intricate nationwide distribution/warehousing programs and  3pl/4pl services, from port to port (import/export) to full service door to door international logistics and Business Outsource providers - whatever your needs may be… we are the answer.

We will design a program around your requirements and specifications, which will exceed your expectations in both service and value. We will not make you fit into our model; we will develop and build a model around you.



Mission Statement

KSI CORP. provides comprehensive logistic services with close attention to quality highest of standards.  Our goal is to remain at the top in business ethics and customer satisfaction by remaining loyal to our customers and partners.